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The story of MIV begins in September 1981 as a Foreign Language Center "Eva Manios" in Volos. After 13 years of continuous and successful presence in foreign language education, we expanded our activities in the area of post-secondary training and education moving into our new premises. The new school is located in a beautiful area of Volos, close to the city centre and convenient to all parts of the City and its suburbs. Our students enjoy the courses because the Institute combines good academic facilities with a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

The valuable experience and contacts gained by the founders of the school as students and employees in England in the 70's and 80's was the motivation to develop the school contacts and collaborations with universities in the UK and begin offering preparatory programmes for Greek candidates wishing to continue their studies in British universities.

meMore than 90 British universities have offered places to MIV students. The vast experience of the management staff, the high academic training of teachers and the excellent facilities, is the starting point for MIV’s outstanding performance in the field of preparation and placement of prospective candidates in British universities and their good performance.

Since 2001, MIV developed partnerships, invested in human resources and extended its services to preparing and placing successful candidates to universities and colleges of other countries such as The Netherlands, Italy, USA, Canada, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia The Czech Republic and others.

MIV has been operating since 1994 as an Independent Private College with the following key activities:

  • Studies Abroad (Language courses – Boarding Schools - Undergraduate courses – Postgraduate courses)
  • Foundation Year course (Specialized pathways)
  • Specialized English courses for certain tests (IELTS – TOEFL iBT®– GMAT – GRE® – SAT – UKCAT – BMAT and IMAT)
  • Foreign Language Teaching for university preparation (English, Italian, Bulgarian, Romanian)
  • Basic and advanced IT teaching and training.

aitousa1Each service is treated individually with special attention to quality, timeliness and urgency of the programmes offered as it is offered to vulnerable population groups such as high school graduates, young adults entering the labor market and those in immediate need of special education.

The premises of the school are properly configured, with particular attention to functionality and pleasant environment. There are classrooms, computer lab equipped with the latest technology in computer network and direct access to the Internet, library, waiting room, and Directorate office.

The teaching is delivered in a friendly environment by teaching staff with high academic qualifications and years of experience. The groups are kept small (4 to 8 people) in order to have the best possible results.

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