Aims & Objectives of the programme

To operate within the principles set above, the Institution will promote the fulfillment of the following set of objectives:

  • Perspective UK University students in the course of their Foundation Year will be instructed primarily in terms of understanding the language, terminology and pertinent lecture and tutorial material applicable to the subject and the course to be attended
  • Behavioural matters relating to the UK lifestyle, academic way of thinking and individual responsibility form a vital part of the Foundation Programme and will be communicated as appropriate
  • Students will be selected, taught and assessed in accordance with the UK University standards. Set procedures will be implemented by balancing the emphasis between letter and spirit fairly, as appropriate to the circumstances of each student
  • The Institution will be working with both parents and Universities in order to provide the best possible combination of student-course-University. Parents will be informed on students’ progress on a monthly basis and Universities will be kept informed fully and on time throughout the selection, assessment and validation process
  • Classes will be kept small in size, in order to allow for individual attention and student co-operation. The latter is seen as vital throughout the Foundation Year and special emphasis is placed in motivating students to pursue improvement in their overall performance.

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