The Manios Institute of Volos (MIV) has been operating since 1994 as the main provider of Foundation Course Education in Volos / Greece under the following principles:

Entry Requirements & Selection

The first MIV entry stage for a prospective student consists of a study of his/hers documentation and marks attained. Based on that, an interview session is arranged with the Careers Advisor, to ascertain the mutual suitability of student and Institute. A more detailed panel interview with the specific course lecturers is then organised and the student's overall picture subsequently assessed by the Institute's lecturing and administration staff. A decision is communicated to the student in less than a week's time from the panel interview.

Programme Organisation & Management

All courses are taught entirely in English and students are required to become familiar with the language of science as well as the syllabus content. Coursework is set throughout the year and includes a number of different exercises and projects. Each exercise is awarded a mark as a percentage. These are combined to give the final coursework mark. Typical coursework exercises include essays, oral presentations and poster presentations.

Assessment Stragety

Examination results reflect not only scientific knowledge, but also Language ability (a correct answer written with poor English will not gain full marks). Examination papers are written within the school and based on past A-level papers. Exam duration is usually 3 hours. Students’ results are expressed in the form of grades (A = above 75%, B = 74-65%, C = 64-55%, D = 54-50%, E = 49-40%, F = 39-26%, U= below 25%). These percentages are given by combining the mark from the final examination (75% of total) with the mark from coursework (25% of total)

Programme Accreditation

The Manios Institute of Volos, confident in its ability to provide the best possible education to its students for their future University studies, intends to create close long - term links with Foreign Higher Education Institutions. This effort has resulted in our collaboration with the University of Huddersfield and the University of Sunderland in the UK. Both Universities have recognised the MIV Year Foundation Programme as satisfying entry requirements to undergraduate courses of the Universities.

Course Structure

MIV offers Foundation Courses for the following groups of students:
1. Students at Lykeio

  1. Two-year (part time) course for students in the second year of Lykeio
  2. One-year (part time) + Intensive Summer course for students in the final year of Lykeio.

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